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Information collected by the HCBA from applicants is used for the purposes of obtaining and maintaining membership of the HCBA, and providing members with the benefits of membership of the HCBA. Incomplete applications may not be processed. You may gain access to your information by contacting the HCBA at the address below. The HCBA maintains an on-line members’ directory on its website (www.hillschinesebusinessassociation.com) which may contain information (excluding financial information) relating to members held at any time by the HCBA.

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Corporate Member (Greater than $50m)/University across faculty level - $2,000 (+GST)
Large Member Company ($15m - $50m) - $1,500 (+GST)
Medium Member Company ($5m - $15m)/University at faculty level - $800 (+GST)
Small Member Company (Less than $5m) - $280 (+GST)

Please contact HCBA for student and retired individual rates. These rates do not provide your company with member entitlements.Retired Individual & Full-time Student Categories Retired individual is not open to companies or individual employees of companies. The two associate categories of membership above do not provide the benefits applicable to the business categories of membership (including voting rights or invitations to select events). Associate members will not be able to use a company name as part of the registration of membership or attendance at events.

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